Landscaping outside the DeVos Place
Inside the foyer
DeVos Place exterior
Inside the DeVos Place
Sunset falling on DeVos Place
DeVos Place at night
Exterior windows of DeVos Place
Looking up at the DeVos Place exterior
Looking up at the atrium


ArtPrize® is a radically open international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids. For 19 days, art entries from all over the world cover three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan—and it’s all free and open to the public. ArtPrize 2017 is taking place from September 20 - October 8. 


DeVos Place Venue Hours:

Mon-Thurs 8:00am-8:00pm

Friday 8:00am-10:00pm

Sat  9:00am-10:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm 


In 2017, DeVos Place will host an International Women's Pavilion! We are encouraging women artists from all over the planet to apply for placement in this special area for ArtPrize 9! All art forms will be considered for entry in the International Women's Pavilion. The goal of the pavilion is to celebrate women in the arts. (Our entire venue is open to all artists, regardless of their gender.)


In addition to the 53 entries on display this year, DeVos Place will also be hosting a free ArtPrize Yoga Session on Wednesday, September 20 on the patio by the river at 12 PM. One of the installations at DeVos Place, “Weeping Father, Truth in Life,” will include a live performance from 1 PM – 3 PM daily with the exception of Sundays.


Another entry in DeVos place, “Urban Myths” is a film showcasing “some of the best Northern Michigan has to offer.” The film will be screening in DeVos Place on Saturday, September 23 and Saturday, September 30 at 2:00 PM.


Venue Amenities:

Public bathrooms

Physically accessible


For more information about ArtPrize, please visit


The artists listed below will be displaying their ArtPrize entries at DeVos Place

Joy Buddies- 'Mini Mukherjee'

Ambrei As Potamiaena- 'Edward Riojas'

Troubled Waters- 'Shawn Michael Warren'

Circe- 'Sandy Rice'

Goodbye House- 'Oaklee Thiele'

Wow?- Mr. Lili

Tradegy, Memory and Honor- 'Bruno Surdo'

El Sueno Americano (The American Dream)- 'Tom Kiefer'

Women and Friendship- 'Carlos Tobar'

In One Breath- 'Rose Ellis'

Subjective Perceptions- 'Alexandria McAughey'

Early January on the Pearl Street Bridge- 'Melodee Jackson'

Crowns of Courage- 'Burgess, Gilbert & Stone'

Refletions of a Quilted Iso-Cube in Primary Colors- 'Diane Rabb & Julius Cassani'

Overview- 'Candice Chovanec'

Forces of Nature Series by Marlene Tseng Yu- 'Marlene Tseng Yu'

Pink Rococo- 'D. Anghel'

Everlasting Fire (paintedonly using fire)- 'Ella Webber'

A Fearless Brother Project Presents: A Walk in the park in America- A Graphic Series: By Akibang- 'Monroe O'Bryant'

Egg Prize- 'Egg Prize'

Circumvolution- 'Stephanie Cunningham'

Hieroglyphics- 'Danae Chudy'

Conversion- 'Chakila Hoskins'

The Stability of Femininity- 'Alayna Coverly'

Icarus Series: Dreams Deferred- 'Margaret Vega'

Weeping Father- 'Donna Dobberfuhl'

Detroit Crossroad to Innovation- 'Hubert Massey'

LeWitt, Fuseli and 2 Roberts- 'Robert Sites'

Gaia- 'Beibei&Leilei'

Domesticated Sculpture: A Place to Gather- 'Dale Wedig'

The Stages of Grief- 'Wendy Cross'

Interior Cell- 'Cindy Wedig'

Blue Tension- 'Miriam Svidler-Maximkov'

Nautalie of the Emerald Sea- 'Alan Brown'

Streetwise- 'Laura Locke'

Marci Waiting- 'Teri Keegan-Castrop'

Series : Suspension- 'Sarupa Sidaarth'

Blooming Litter- 'Amy Deal'

You Be You- 'Hudsonville Public Schools'

Ahabs Dream & Turnpike Cautionary (sculptures)- 'Robert Battles'

Music Box- 'Dihan MAO'

Atomic Reaction- 'Susan Supper'

Chimera- 'Nathan Miner'

Outdoor Night Light- 'Wesley DeVries'

Otto's Good Stuff- 'Randall Dusdal'

Empowered Women- 'Florencia Clement de Grandprey'

Proud Parent - Giraffe- 'Phillip Siegel'

A Quiet Evening on Ottawa- 'Jodie Dilno'

We Are All Homeless- 'Willie Baronet'

It's OK to be Different- 'Oxalis Martich'

So Good- 'Elaine Hoogeboom'

Urban Myths- 'Kim Marie'