ArtPrize® is a radically open, independently organized international art competition. Occurring annually, the 19-day competition turns three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, into an open playing field for art and creative expression. At ArtPrize, everyone is invited to find a voice in the conversation about what art is, and why art matters. It’s unorthodox, highly disruptive, and undeniably intriguing to the art world and the public alike. ArtPrize 2014 takes place September 24 – October 12. 

DeVos Place Venue Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9:00am-8:00pm
Fri & Sat  9:00am-10:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm 

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(subject to change)

The artists listed below will be displaying their ArtPrize entries at DeVos Place.

To view a diagram of ArtPrize Artist locations click here.

Geri Alumit Zeldes, "The Living History Project: Stories Told by Michigan's Oldest Old"

Mark Andree, "Liquid Rock"

Gail Baar, "ColorForm 55"

Calvin Babich, "The Conversation"

Jessica Ball, "Nightmare"

Bradley Bates, "Indigo Bunting"

Adam Bock, "West Michigan Winter"

Jackson Botsford, "Namaste"

Eric Broekhuis, "directionally challenged"

Sandra Bryant, "Into the Autumn Woods"

Mark Bush, "The Poet"

Michelle Calkins, "Seasonal Birches"

Christopher Capozziello, "The Distance Between Us"

Nancy A. Connors, "Cacti"

Jennifer Cronin, "Shelter"

Shayne Davidson, "David & Elizabeth"

PD Davis, "Allstar Café"

Michael "Hank" Diaz-Leal, "The Making of Alpha Centauri"

Alla Dickson, "This Enigmatic World"

Melissa Dorn Richards, "Coal Piles"

Matt Elson, "The Infinity Boxes"


Cody Erickson, "Kairos"

Nora Faber, "Wholegrain"

Michael Feehan, "Einstein"

James Fetter, "11 1/2 C"

Jackie Finn, "Happy Skipper Day"

Dale Fisher, "Visions of the Eagle"

Nathaniel Foley, "F-111 Aardvark"

Ryan Foster, "Temporary Landscapes/Permanent Clouds"

Troy Fryfogle, "Carcharhinus Louganis (Greg the Shark)"

Elyse Gambino, "A Study in Captivity"

M. Saffell Gardner, "Full Sail"

Cynthia Hagedorn, "Leadership on Canvas"

David Helm, "Strange"

Blake Heminger, "Bouquets of Friendship"

H. Michael Hendrix, "Council of Men (The Haves and Have Nots)"

David Huang, "Luminous"

Taichiro Ishii, "Black Crane"

Dixie Jewett, "Gold Fever"

Michael Kellner, "Tesserae"

Bud Kibby, "Vita et Mors Machinae"

Virginia Kistler, "Illumination Waxing"

Sarah Knill, "NGC 6514"

Aida Kupusovic, "The Flow of Love-Aidalism"

Michael and Cathy LaCroix, "On a Golden Autumn Day"

Gretchyn Lauer, "Outcry"

Ted Lepczynski, "A Rock Hunter's Dream"

Michael Letts, "Ancient Coast Series"

Carmelo Lopez, "My Michigan"

Jonathan D. Lopez, "I'm Not Myself"

Maya Lusky, "Dream Brother"

Sean Lyons, "Untitled"

Wade MacDonald, "Hidden Vessels"

Lance Marconi, "Transcendence"

Meghan Matthews, "Singing Bird"

Mickey McGhee,"Goddess Divine"

Eric Mecum, "Tin Racer"

Susan Meekhof, "Unchain Your Dreams"

Preston Miller, "Enemy Within"

Ruby Miller, "Bloom"

Missy Morrow, "My Americana"

Gary Mulnix, "Three Figures"

Christina Murphy, "Defender of Hope"

Bartholomew Myles II, "Untitled"

Ellen Nelson, "Bridging the Distance"

Cara O'Brien, "Gathered"

Fritz Olsen, "WILDFLOWER"

Carlo Ontal, "Paradise is Our Heavenly State of War Without End"

Tyler Ostrander, "Grain: Figure Sculptures in Wood"

Renata Palubinskas, "'Monoculture Domination' Triptych"

Dominic Pangborn, "Michigan in Motion"

Karen Parker Moeller, "A Time to Reflect"

Vinod Patel, "Hyperreality"

Natalia Pawlus, "Whiteness"

Aurora Pintore, "When the Sun Kisses the Heart"

Becky Pobst, "The Storyteller"

Todd Ramquist, "JARTPRIZE"

Joshua Redfearn, "Think"

Terrence Reese, "Reflections: Intimate Portraits of Icons"

Leda Remmert, "Cosmic Consciousness"

Mary Rousseaux, "series 30 #1"

Jill Rowan, "Origins"

Jeffrey Sass, "Type, Type"

Victoria Shaheen, "River Breeze, Dairy Freeze"

Pixie Shaw, "Big Michigan"

Andrew Sliwinski, "Planet Earth the art of God"

Justin Smith, "The G-Rap Map 2.0"

Eric Staib, "Labeled"

Jacob Steenholdt, "Fibonacci Ring"

Bret Steinhaus, "A Moment in Times Square"

Don Stover, "In the Storm"

Georgia Taylor, "A Portrait of a Pullman Porter"

Kevin Dean Taylor, "Back to nature"

Gianluca Traina, "Portrait 360 | Low & HIGH"

Rachael Van Dyke, "Michigan Ridges and Valleys"

Margaret Vega, "Dreams Deferred"

Robin Vincent, "Lily Pond"

Shawn Michael Warren, "To the Song of All Songs"

Colleen Wegener, "Run Wild"

Beau Wild, "Josephine"

Al Wildey, "Not A Destination"

Dawn Wohlford, "Surrounded by Art"

Andrew J. Woodstock, "Brothers in Arms"

Ty Zemelsky, "Building Neighbors"

3StepArt, :Grand Rapids CityScape"

Imagine Freedom, "IF. . ."


The Colorboration Project, "Kitsch 2 Kunst"