ArtPrize® is a radically open international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury that takes place each fall in Grand Rapids. For 19 days, art entries from all over the world cover three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan—and it’s all free and open to the public. ArtPrize is taking place from September 23rd - October 11th. 

DeVos Place Venue Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9:00am-8:00pm
Fri & Sat  9:00am-10:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm 

For more information about ArtPrize, please visit

The artists listed below will be displaying their ArtPrize entries at DeVos Place.


Douglas Gruizenga, 'Motor City'

Nicole Ethen, 'Trumpet Study'

Kenneth Hershenson, 'I DO Know Jack!'

Adam Bock, 'Oh Captain, My Captain'

David Rivette, 'Black and White Retrospective'

Jenny Walker, 'Tunnel Depot'

H. Michael Hendrix, 'Moses'

Tony RoKo, 'Journey Through Time'

Nancy A. Connors, 'Minerals'

Shayne Davidson, 'Beautiful Rogues'

Alla Dickson, 'What We Stand On'

Jonathan D. Lopez, 'claylist'

Kurt Swanson, 'The Race'

Mahesh Kummar, 'The Space Between Us'

Jacob Guerin, 'Crossing of the First Threshold'

Peter Schoenmann, 'Albanian Bathers'

Rick Wolhoy, 'Checkout Time in Vegas'

Brian Sullivan, 'Americana'

Tatsuki Hakovama, 'If I Could Fly'

Gary Odmark, 'Sea of Gold'

Paul Nilsson, 'Kindred Spirits'

Bri Luginbill, 'Empowerment through Emily's Story'

Molly Alicki Corriveau, 'Afternoon Incident'

Mary Jo Kattleman, 'Collection During the Warming'

Edward Riojas, 'Under Slottet Bron'

Rachael Van Dyke, 'Plowed Fields'

Joseph Donna, 'Toys In The Attic'

Nadal Antelmo, 'Groove'

Michael Feehan, '2 Minutes to Post time'

Jennifer Salinas, 'Downtown'

Olena Bezkostna, 'Bath of light for a soul'

Philip Campbell, 'Your Catfish Friend'

Reagan Kazyak, 'A Vintage Dream'

Shawn Michael Warren, 'In a Promised Land...'

Victor Leo, 'Opera Singer'

Jennifer Cronin, 'Lucky to Have Each Other'

Ahni Sallaway, 'I Am You'

Debra Hartman, 'Vision'

Jerry Portelli, 'PsychoMachia: 7 Deadly Sins & 7 Holy Virtues'

Peter Clouse, 'Schematic Residues'

Jerry Bowman, 'Welcome to the Party'

Luke Mack, 'Origins'

Emeka Ikebude, 'The Stream'

Jennifer O'Meara, 'American Graffiti Revisited - Graffiti Train'

Jose Carlos Casado, 'Sacrifice.v02'

Ralph 'nunzi' Annunziata, 't30 [transformation 30]'

Joel Fremion, 'material me and friends'

Sankar Nair, 'Goodbye Milkyway'

Jason Watts, 'Open Windows'

Sean Hottois, 'Big Commerce'

Gosia Podosek, 'Pines'

Chakila Hoskins, 'Visitation'

Kim Rhoney, 'Field of Joy'

E'lla Webber, 'Our Natural Hairitage'

David Kail, 'DK's Seven Deadly Sins'

Jason Dowd, 'American Heritage 2'

Eric Broekhuis, 'Reclamation'

Joshua Adam Risner, 'The Tempest'

Steven Hopkins, 'Toy Store'

Chris Ellman, 'The Parents of the Universe'

Talent Murals, 'Snow Day at T.A.L.E.N.T.'

Kaiser Suidan, 'Jack Installation'

Jill Risner, 'Bloom'

Tina Tahir, 'THIRTY'

Molly Burgess, 'Zammara Cicada'

Maureen Carmody, 'Entropy'

Clark art Studio, 'Spring Trees'

Elton Monroy Duran, 'The blanket of sweet dreams'

Lawrence A. Jankowsi, 'Legends of Fifinella'

Christian Helser, 'West By Southwest'

Margaret Vega, 'Perpetual Order: Tides'

Don Stover, 'Light Traps'

Colleen Wegener, 'Michigan Shores'

Edward Harkness, 'Orbs at Rest'

Dean Rogers, 'Light and Dark, and Somewhere In Between'

Cody Erickson, 'Cursory'

Cornell Smith, 'The Pacific Rim'

Harry Sidebotham, 'Decagon'

Bud Kibby, 'Normal Relativity {To be normal would be a waste of the potential that is screaming for revelation}'

Jessica Bohus, 'Can the Past save the Future?'

Bruce Stelwagen, 'Double Vision'

Edward Park, 'Morning Greeting'

Stephen Clark, 'Beltline'

Sue Schneider, 'Domestic Policies'

Brian Whitfield, 'First Sunday'

Tony Zarko, 'Fox at a Stream'

David Thinger, 'The Road to Recovery'

Megan Ghiroli, 'Coming Home'

Scott Yukio Fergus, 'The Spice Shop'

Sarah Heath, 'Flight'

Tuck Langland, 'Venus Rising'

george kozmon, 'WESTERN RIDGE II'

Elaine Hoogeboom, 'Spring Love' 

Ruben Llano, 'ZEBRAS'

Steve Prachyl, 'Such A Minor Event'

atelier5, '250 Flamingos'

Larry Lathrop, 'Matriarch'

Bowen Kline, 'Holocene'

Sidney Carter, 'GONDOLA'

Sheryl Budnik, 'Taller and Wider than Scars of the Sea'

Renata Palubinskas, 'Desecration of the Self'

william kurtz, 'LINDA THE DOG WALKER'

Tom Maniaci, 'The Icons'

Christopher Schneider, 'Another Place, Another Time'

Randall Dusdal, 'Otto's "Good Stuff"'

Jenny Ustick, 'Public Image: The Clothes Have No Emperor'

Greg Domagalski, 'One Small Step'

Alicia Cully, 'The Lost Flower'

Derek Gores, 'Full Volume'

christopher moran, 'The Joker'

Brittany Townsend, 'New Beginnings'

Penny Francis McGrath, 'Landscape Featuring Queen Anne's Lace'

Angelica Hay, 'ori-Genes'

Sabrina McLaughlin, 'The Space In-Between'

Carrie Alter, 'Deer Diary'

Michael TX, 'Broken Mannequin #2'

Jill Collier, 'Dilating Perspectives'

Sarah Knill, 'NGC 6415'

Tom Sheerin, 'The Eagle Has Landed'

Norakiera Heiser, 'Sewn Nudes'

Breakthrough Team, 'BREAKTHROUGH'

Randall Libby, 'michigan petoskey stone'

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