Landscaping outside the DeVos Place
Inside the DeVos Place
Sunset falling on DeVos Place
DeVos Place at night
Inside the foyer
Looking up at the DeVos Place exterior
Looking up at the atrium
Exterior windows of DeVos Place
DeVos Place exterior

Engineering Exams

Engineering Exams | April 5 through April 6

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NCEES develops and scores the FE and PE exams for engineering licensure. The FE exam is generally your first step in the process to becoming a professional licensed engineer (P.E.). It is designed for recent graduates and students who are close to finishing an undergraduate engineering degree from an EAC/ABET- accredited program. The PE exam is designed to test for a minimum level of competency in a particular engineering discipline. It is designed for engineers who have gained a minimum of four years of work experience in their chosen engineering discipline.


Exam prep materials


We at NCEES believe that nothing prepares you better than working through actual exam questions. So that’s what we provide. Our exam prep materials include questions that have been used on past exams and questions written just to give you extra practice.

Event Times:
Fri, Apr 5, 2019
11:45 PM
Sat, Apr 6, 2019
11:45 PM
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