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Looking up at the atrium
Inside the DeVos Place
DeVos Place at night
Landscaping outside the DeVos Place
DeVos Place exterior
Sunset falling on DeVos Place
Exterior windows of DeVos Place
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Kendall Electric


This is our second year hosting The Kendall GroupTechnology Summit. This year’s event will be held at DeVos Place and will include over 85 of our leading manufacturers. In addition to moving to a larger venue and hosting more partners, this event will span over two days and will include both technical presentations and hands-on labs.

Kendall Electric, Galloup, Merlo Energy, and Smith Instrument have teamed together to bring you Scalable Plantwide Control, Instrumentation, Steam, Energy, and other specialties. These areas, combined with many support services, allow us to bring Automation and Process solutions to your entire plant floor.

You will be introduced to the latest technologies and have the opportunity to attend technical presentations and, new this year, Hands-On Labs. Training includes Automation, Safety, Networks, The Connected Enterprise, Process, Information Systems, Motion Control, Mechanical Products, and Vision and Barcode.

Event Times:
Tue, Sep 11, 2018
11:30 PM
Wed, Sep 12, 2018
11:30 PM
Event Type: