DeVos Place at night
Looking up at the DeVos Place exterior
Exterior windows of DeVos Place
Looking up at the atrium
DeVos Place exterior
Inside the DeVos Place
Landscaping outside the DeVos Place
Inside the foyer
Sunset falling on DeVos Place


“Alesha was great to work with. She was very responsive and if she did not know the answer to a question, she sought out an answer. She was so helpful in coordinating security and setting up our guest's dressing room. When an issue did arise, she contacted the appropriate people to handle it.”


“Laura was awesome and quickly connected me with key individuals to work with throughout the process. Allie was friendly, informative, always quick to answer questions and anticipate our needs and stayed in touch during our planning session day. Your staff and facilities are top notch.”


“Matt was exceptional! It really helped us to have an experienced person willing to be patient with us as we learned and gained experience in operating in this new space.”


“DeVos Place is an excellently run facility. Employees are well trained, have good anticipation and react promptly. We have some of the finest shows in the country and could never accomplish this without the support and work of this building’s workers and subcontractors.”


“Always enjoy our events at the DeVos Place, the facility is second to none. Thank you to all the many people that help make this event run smoothly and support its continued success.”


“Allie was great to work with leading up to the event with the planning and onsite. With planning, she was knowledgeable, organized, and responsive. I really appreciated how she not only answered all my questions, but did so in a timely manner. She was also flexible with our event planning and understanding that our event is different than corporate or business type events. On site, Allie was proactive, attentive, flexible again, and had a great willingness to help.”


Feedback obtained from DeVos Place client survey responses.