“This was an incredible week! I can't express my appreciation to you and your staff for the major agenda shakeup they so admirably assisted with. The Amway, DeVos, and Bluewater staff were incredible in how they jumped immediately to resolving and overcoming the issues. This included converting the ballroom, which was broken down into 4 large workshops, back into a general sessions scenario (this included moving hundreds of theater chairs and putting in conference rounds again)...they flipped this in a record "30 minutes". AMAZING!

Everyone was so flexible and accommodating, there are few additional words I can say! As always, you continue to prove to us why your facilities and services stand high above others. 

Thanks again, I appreciate all that you do to make our conferences a success!”

2011 North American Brass Band Association

DeVos Place received a perfect review exceeding all expectations regarding the services, facilities, and the services of our subcontractors! The North American Brass Association will return in 2014!

2011 MFA Convention 

“Deanna is the best! Dave the electrician did a great job!”

2011 Michigan Association  of Fair & Exhibition Convention 

Ms. Rebecca Chestnut and the entire faculty working with our group. She was very gracious & accommodating to work with; our 16 different acts had great compliments as well.

NESTLE Gerber 2010 Inovation Awards

Angela and Deanna are both a pleasure to work with; they are professional, organized, and detail oriented.”

2010 BDO Legally Blonde After-Glow 

“Everyone in the office that I dealt with was very nice and accommodating. The subcontractors were a pleasure to work with and did a great job. Everyone at my firm that attended the event, and all of our clients who attended, were very happy with the evening. Thank you to all those who had a hand in it!”

2010 Partners Worldwide

“I had the pleasure of working with Kristy in sales and Melissa as my event coordinator. They were both very responsive and helpful.”

Hospice of MI Celebration  2010

“Your team was fantastic - Andy Kursch was great to work with!”

2010 Spartan Stores Fresh Food Show

“It was our privilege to work with Kristy and Deanna. This year our show was 4x the space and attendance increased greatly and because of Kristy and Deanna the event went smoother than last years. I look forward to working with both of them again next year.”

2010 Hispanic Festival

Good service, never heard no for an answer, always provided solutions.

2010 REDC

“Everything went great - all staff was very helpful.”

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